Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program

The Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program partners with Hemophilia Saskatchewan, the provincial health charity that seeks to provide support, education and hope to improve the quality of life for all people with bleeding disorders. For further information, check the Canadian Hemophilia Society website.

Who is it for:

Adults and children with bleeding disorders throughout the province


  • Provide comprehensive care to individuals and their families with Hemophilia, von Willebrand Disorder, and other inherited bleeding disorders.
  • Ensure individuals with bleeding disorders have access to appropriate and timely health care.
  • Support individuals and their families in self management.


  • Provision of assessment/review clinics staffed by multidisciplinary team members comprised of a Hematologist / Pediatric Hematologist, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Gynecologist, and the associated services of genetic Counselling.
  • Clinical and laboratory diagnostic services.
  • Patient Education on bleeding disorders treatment and self management.
  • Support of home infusion therapy.
  • Assessment of physical complications to prevent and/or minimize musculoskeletal problems and activity selection.
  • Coordination and therapeutic management pre and post procedures and surgeries: pre and post natal care.
  • Psychosocial support and referral.
  • Monitoring of coagulation product usage in the province.
  • Education of health care professionals in the diagnosis and management of bleeding disorders.
  • Provision of education to the general public, schools, employers.
  • Factor First Card/Treat First system to direct Emergency Care.

Regular clinics are held at Royal University Hospital on Fridays and outreach clinics are held in Regina and Prince Albert various times throughout the year. Teleconferencing is available as needed.

How to Register:

Referral from the Family physician to the Hematologist.


No cost associated with the Program. Most of the supplies are provided at no cost.

  1. The Hematologist verifies the diagnosis.
  2. The client is given a date and time to attend an outpatient appointment with the multidisciplinary team members.
  3. The team provides assessment and determines the appropriate care plan, treatment recommendations, and the frequency of reassessment/recall for clinic appointments.
  4. Education is provided to clients and their family on the specific bleeding disorder, treatment options and self management.


Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program
Room 2608. “A” Wing
Royal University Hospital
103 Hospital Drive
Saskatoon, Sask. S7N 0W8


Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program
Phone:  306-655-6504 (office)
Fax:  306-655-6426
Clinical Nurse Coordinators on call
Phone:  306-381-4185
Fax:  306-655-6426


Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Resources

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